A "house party" is a party with a purpose---a home-style version of a teach-in. Use Facing Sudan to help raise awareness about the situation in Sudan and to spark discussions about the change that we can all make.

It's simple to do.

    Buy a copy of Facing Sudan or rent it from Netflix.

    Set a date and send out invitations. We recommend using sites such as Evite or SureToMeet to create and send email invites. Here is a logo you can use to customize your invitation.

    • If you want to send invites the traditional way through the mail, we have two invitations in Word format that you can use and customize. Invitation #1 Invitation #2

    Prepare for the screening. After all, the purpose is to raise awareness about the situation in Sudan and to stimulate discussion and dialogue.

    • Download the official discussion guide
    • Purchase a movie poster. Each poster is signed by the director. Click here for more information.
    • Download the placards. These placards can be printed and placed in the viewing area. There are 12 placards, each with Sudan facts and quotes from the film.
    • go to SaveDarfur to get the latest news about Darfur and dowload petitions for political action.
    • go to The Genocide Intervention Network. They have many resources that you can download and use for your screening.
    • Ryan Spencer Reed, a documentary photographer whose photographs appear in Facing Sudan, has a short presentation about Sudan entitled, "The Cost of Silence." You can view and download it here and show it to your guests. It is stunning.
    • Get the names of your elected officials and distribute them at the screening on cards to encourage your guests to call and demand action on Darfur.

    Contact us to let us know of your screening. We like to keep track of the screenings and there is a chance that the director may be available via phone after your screening to personally answer questions from your guests.



Facing Sudan
Discussion Guide
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Sudan Info Placards
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Invite Logo
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Invitation #1
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Invitation #2
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Limited Public Performance License Agreement
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Here's an idea to customize your teach-in: add some authentic Sudanese dishes to your menu. Here are some links to get you started:

SUDAN: From The Africa Cookbook

Recipe Sudani

Facing Sudan

a documentary film by Bruce David Janu
Running Time: 90minutes
Music by Tom Flannery and Lorne Clarke

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