New Documentary

This Memorial Day weekend, I traveled to Northeastern Pennsylvania to catch the last show of the Old Lynn Concert series. For the last 19 years, this small rural church has hosted some of the best folk and Americana musicians from North America. This weekend was no different.

Lorne Clarke opened the show and Tom Flannery and Bret Alexander were the headliners.  If you had seen my two documentaries, Facing Sudan and Crayons and Paper, you are familiar with both Lorne and Tom. I could not have made those movies without their awesome musical soundtrack.

I filmed the entire concert and conducted several interviews. What we are working on now is documentary about that last show, exploring not just the music and performances, but also the state of music and performing. The film is tentatively titled, This Sacred Place: The Story of Old Lynn Concerts. But things can change.

Here is the first performance of the evening. It is Lorne Clarke singing a new song called, "Do you Pray?"

Overall, it was a great weekend visiting old friends and listening to some great music. Hopefully, we can capture that spirit in an upcoming film.