Bruce David Janu
My name is Bruce David Janu, owner of Bell, Book & Camera Productions. Thank you for visiting the site. Over the past few years we have gone through many changes, expanding beyond the small educational supply company established in 1999. We produced several educational books and packets, including Bring Out Your Dead: Bringing the Black Death to Life in the Classroom and The Constitution: A Cooperative Learning Approach. To accompany these products, we started creating videos and then we branched off into the wedding video industry.  Our wedding productions gained a reputation for a stylish, documentary-like look. And, over the years, we grew a very satisfied clientele. Due to the other direction this company took in 2005, we are no longer producing wedding videos, but have devoted our efforts to feature documentaries and short video work. Facing Sudan was released in 2007, garnering two "Best Documentary" awards. A couple of years later, we released Crayons and Paper, which screened heavily on the Documentary Channel. Since then, we have produced corporate videos, music videos and some short educational videos as well.

We are always looking for challenging and interesting projects.

Call us at 224-357-6214 or email us for more information.

Take a look at our portfolio, which highlights some of the things I have done over the years. You might find something enjoyable. Plus, it is a good diversion from any work you might have to do.