Here is a selection of some of the things we have done. You'll find a selection of features and shorts, educational and event videography, and some personal stuff just for fun.

This Sacred Place Documentary          

Facing Sudan documentary

"Socrates: What is Water?" 

Crayons and Paper—Long Trailer For more information, click here

Crayons and Paper-Short Trailer. For more information, click here

Bearing Witness to the Holocaust For more information, click here

The Origins of Art Short educational documentary used as an introduction to a school presentation

Welcome Home, G.I.--featuring a song by Tom Flannery

Patty and Billy Reception Video

Music Video:
“20 Years”—Civil Wars
Click here for more information about the video.

Music Video:
“When Christmas Comes Around” By Lorne Clarke

Music Video:
“If I Only Knew” by Tom Flannery and the Shillelaghs

In Search of Goth(ic)--Interviews

In Search of Goth(ic)—End scene

Beethoven: The Man and His Music

Archaic Art

A Tale of Two Davids

Renaissance: The Last Supper

World Trade Center, August 2001

Freedom: Godfather Segment

Music Video: “Rock Me Amadeus” featuring animation

“Katie’s Song” birthday celebration music video featuring a song by Tom Flannery

Cary: A Gravel Pit Community-Political

Beautiful Cary - Political

Scott Vetter For District 155 Board of Education--A Political Ad

We Deserve Better than Vetter—Political Ad

Wedding Introduction Montage

Wedding Introduction Montage Plus Church Scenes

Wedding Photo Session Montage

Wedding--Getting Ready

PromoWorks Demonstration Video

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother: A Dedication

Batman: The Return of Two Face

The Adventures of Batman and Robin

Cheese Wars