Rearview: A 3-Minute Horror Film

This Sacred Place: The Story of Old Lynn Concerts, a new documentary.

As seen on the Documentary Channel, now available as a digital download.

Best Documentary Winner at the Illinois International Film Festival, 2007

This short documentary was created in 2016, using archival footage. Written and Directed by Bruce David Janu

Music video from an upcoming documentary about the Old Lynn Concert series, featuring Tom Flannery and Bret Alexander
singing "Ben Franklin Bridge."  

Music video from an upcoming documentary about the Old
 Lynn Concert series, featuring Lorne Clarke sing a new song, "Do You Pray?" 

Music video for Lorne Clarke's, "When Christmas Comes Around" 

Music video for the Civil Wars' "20 Years" for a contest.

Official video for Tom Flannery and the Shillelaghs, "If I Only Knew"

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Free Streaming Event -- May 28, 2022

Three years ago, I packed my car with cameras, microphones, tripods and a camera crane. I left right after work and made my way from the midwest to the hills of rural, northeastern Pennsylvania. The location of my journey was not even on a map -- it was church in the small, forgotten town of Lynn. 

For nineteen years, the Old Lynn Church was the home to one of the most prestigious concert series in modern, acoustic folk music. And this was their last show.

This Sacred Place: The Story of Old Lynn Concerts is not only about that last show, but about the history of the building and the music that echoes there.  

In the spirit of the Old Lynn Concert Series, which was free and open to the public, we will be streaming the documentary free on Saturday night, May 28, 2022 on our Facebook page at 7pm Eastern. 

This is a special, never-before-seen event:

  • The film will be introduced by the director, Bruce David Janu
  • After the film, Bruce will introduce and screen three deleted scenes not yet seen
So join us on the Bell, Book and Camera Productions Facebook page to tune into this special event. The documentary, with the additional scenes will then be available the entire Memorial Day weekend on YouTube as well. 


This Sacred Place now available to RENT or DOWNLOAD

 This Sacred Place: The Story of Old Lynn Concerts is now available to rent or download. Click here to go to Reelhouse, or simply use the window below:

Best Director at the Couch Film Festival, 2021

Bruce David Janu, the director of This Sacred Place: The Story of Old Lynn Concerts has won the Best Director Award for documentary features at the Couch Film Festival. The festival is a quarterly event held in Toronto, Canada.  It is an IMBD-eligible event, meaning award winners can list their awards in the penultimate movie database.

This Sacred Space was nominated for both the Best Documentary Award and Best Director.

The Couch Film Festival Selects This Sacred Place

The Couch Film Festival in Toronto has selected This Sacred Place: The Story of Old Lynn Concerts as a Semi-Finalist in the Documentary (60-120 Minutes category). Plus, a nod for Best Director for the 60-120 minute film category, as well. Unfortunately, due to new Covid restrictions, they had to cancel all public screenings. Still, the films will be judged and winners announced on March 31.