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Napoleon Tweets!

This activity, perfect for a world history class at the middle school or high school level is our best seller.  The activity imagines Napoleon tweeting up a storm during his lifetime. Students have to identify the "Tweet" with the event and date in Napoleon's life.

Included is also a quiz to assess learning after the activity.

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Bring Out Your Dead: Recreating the Black Death in the Classroom

This activity provides several days of study on the Black Death in Europe. It includes a reading, lecture, and instructions on how to "Bring the Black Death to Life" using theatrical make-up. 

  • Includes many anticipatory sets including the use of images and the song, "Scarborough Faire."
  • a "How Much Do You Know About The Black Death?" pre-activity learning assessment
  • Eleven pages of detailed lecture notes that address all aspects of the Black Death including some bio-history, modes of transmission, causes and effects, remedies people used and the bubonic plague in today's world.
  • Step by step illustrated instructions on how to use makeup to give a student the black death.
  • a modern translation of Boccaccio's The Decameron with a reading worksheet
  • an essay assignment
  • internet resources
  • Plus three color charts/graphs, which can be used to make an overhead transparency or used in presentation software 

Visit our website for detailed instructions on how to make buboes. A video instruction on how to apply the makeup is also available.

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