A small rural church sits at a crossroads in Lynn, Pennsylvania. Home to music since it was built in 1883, the church was transformed into a concert venue nineteen years ago, bringing in renowned singer-songwriters from all over the world.  
This Sacred Place: The Story of Old Lynn Concerts
 tells the unlikely story of how this sacred place became a respected music venue. The history of Old Lynn is presented along with footage from the last show of the series, featuring performances from Lorne Clarke, Tom Flannery, and Bret Alexander.

"I met Lorne Clarke and Tom Flannery by happenstance in 2005 when I was looking for music for my documentary, Facing Sudan. They agreed to contribute songs and write a score completely pro bono. I believe it was their music that truly provided the emotional impact of that film and the follow-up, Crayons and Paper. When Lorne told me he was closing the Old Lynn Concert series after 19 years, I wanted to document that show and the amazing history of this series. This Sacred Place is the story of how music can bring people together, even in a rural Pennsylvanian town that does not appear on most maps."
                                                                                                           --- Bruce David Janu, Director

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Lorne Clarke

Tom Flannery

Bret Alexander
Stills from This Sacred Place: The Story of Old Lynn Concerts
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The Old Lynn Church at Dusk
Lorne Clarke
Old Lynn Postcard, 1883
Aerial View of Old Lynn
Tom Flannery and Lorne Clarke
Lorne Clarke singing "Do You Pray"
Tom Flannery discussing Old Lynn Concerts
Tom Flannery singing "In Lieu of You"
Bret Alexander
Bret Alexander singing "Two States"
Lorne Clarke, Tom Flannery and Bret Alexander
End of the final concert
Poster #1
Poster #2
Title Card